Concrete Sealer & Thermal Blanket Product

Protect Any Concrete Surface With Our Fast-Drying Concrete Sealer & Thermal Blanket

Concrete Treat concrete sealant used for both cured and newly placed concrete. Once applied, it dries in 2-4 hours, creating a clear, odorless, glasslike barrier that will not yellow or discolor over time. As well as sealing concrete so that water vapor cannot pass through, it also protects the concrete from spalling, and it prevents the white powder known as efflorescence from building up on the surface of concrete, making it ugly and unsightly. Furthermore, by sealing the pores of concrete, it will prevent the concrete from soaking up oils and chemicals, reducing the chances of stains.

Concrete Treat fills the pours of the concrete with a silicate, forming a pore-deep, bonded silicate surface that will never wear out. It's been proven effective for both new construction and "Do It Yourself" projects. It is easily and safely applied on all concrete projects. Concrete Treat prevents capillary action from the untreated side of the concrete and will prevent any moisture penetration on the treated side, resulting in damp-free concrete. Call or e-mail us today!