Sealing Your Concrete With Concrete Treat™

Concrete Treat being applied to concrete paving stones

You Will Need:

  • One gallon of Concrete Treat per 300 square feet of untreated poured concrete
  • A sprayer, brush, roller, or other applicator
  • Clean, open-pored concrete

Total Application Time:

A 1500 square foot basement would typically take about an hour with a spray applicator. The product takes 2-4 hours to dry.

Coverage Per Gallon:

You should cover approximately 300 square feet per gallon on poured concrete and concrete pavers. For concrete block walls, you should cover approximately 150 square feet per gallon of Concrete Treat.

Appropriate Concrete Surfaces:

Concrete Treat may be used on any clean concrete surface, whether damp or dry. This product must be able to penetrate into the pores of concrete.

If your concrete has been painted or coated with another product, you will need to remove that product from the walls before applying Concrete Treat.

Applying Concrete Treat

Concrete Treat applies easily to any clean concrete surface. Simply spray, roll, or brush it on, and in 2-4 hours, your concrete surface is ready!

We're always glad to answer any questions you might have about our product. You can contact us online or at (203) 376-9180 during normal business hours, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -05:00).

A while film formed on a concrete surface where Concrete Treat has been allowed to pool.

Apply just enough Concrete Treat to make the surface look damp -- there should be no pooling or dripping. Only one application of our product is necessary. Over-application can lead to a white film on the concrete as the product dries.

Precautions For Application

Concrete Treat is a safe, non-toxic substance that is safe for use indoors. See our Materials Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information.

Avoid using Concrete Treat where it will land on glass, as it will cause etching.

Second coatings and over-application will not improve the seal of your concrete and will create a marred, white surface appearance.

You will only need enough to make the concrete surface look damp. Do not allow to puddle or drip.

Concrete Treat may be applied outside as long as there are ambient temperatures of at least 28°F, and there is no standing water on the surface. Damp concrete may be treated.

Existing Construction Guidelines

Existing surfaces may be "Treated" by following the same guidelines. The most important step is to start with a clean surface. The pores of the surface must be free of any debris.

Remove anything that will prohibit the Concrete Treat from entering the pores of the surface, including paint, stain, glue or efflorescence (white powdery surface). Clean efflorescence with our efflorescence-removing product: Efflorisn't™. Apply Concrete Treat.

Where Can Concrete Treat Be Used?

Concrete Treat can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface.

Indoor Applications: We recommend this product for basement walls and floors, garage floors, and on concrete slabs where carpet will be installed.

Outdoor Applications: Use Concrete Treat on walkways, sidewalks, driveways, patios, concrete pavers, and any other outdoor concrete surface. Concrete Treat can be used on some types of decorative concrete -- contact us to make sure it's right for your decorative concrete before applying.

New Construction: Use this product in lieu of dampproofing on your foundation walls, and as a slab vapor barrier. Concrete Treat eliminates the need for concrete blankets during new construction, and it protects from stains, spalling, and other forms of concrete damage.

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New Construction Guidelines

Newly placed horizontal concrete surfaces can be "Treated" with product as soon as the concrete is ready to be walked on. Outdoor temperatures should be at least 28°F and rising for proper application of the product.

Vertical surfaces can be "Treated" 24 hours after the forms are removed.

If the concrete or other surface to be "Treated" has already cured, you will need to clean any concrete dust or other debris from the surface to make sure the pores of the surface are open to receive the Concrete Treat. application.

You can use a stiff bristle broom or power wash the surface. It is best to power wash horizontal surfaces to be sure the pores are open and clean just be sure there is no standing water. Damp surfaces can be "Treated."

You can paint or stain the surface. Be sure the concrete is ready to be painted by sprinkling a little water on the "Treated" surface. If the water beads up, you may paint or stain.

Who's Using Concrete Treat?

Concrete Treat has been distributed to locations globally, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, and other areas in the United Kingdom. Contractors are using it to seal concrete floors, protect outdoor concrete from spalling, and to prevent moisture from entering basements before finishing the space.

Many homeowners are using Concrete Treat on their steps, patios, and porches to prevent spalling, or in their home where they want to stop moisture from coming through the concrete. Some homeowners have used it on their garage floors.

If you'd like to protect your concrete from damage, this is the product for you! Order Concrete Treat today!

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