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Concrete Treat Visits Superior Stone To Apply Concrete Sealer

The staff at Concrete Treat recently visited Superior Stone Supply (3876 Witney Avenue, Hamden, CT) to apply Concrete Treat to the newly installed paving stones around their entryway. Our visit was about an hour long, during which time we sealed the concrete paving stones to protect them from salt, ice, and from stains from the cars that would be parking on them.

Since we were applying Concrete Treat to concrete paving stones, we thought we’d share a little bit about our visit, including how we applied our product and what it looked like during installation.

Concrete Treat can easily be applied to indoor concrete, outdoor concrete, and newly placed concrete by any contractor, homeowner, or construction company.

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Our Newest Concrete Treat Contractor

Superior Stone streetside sign, with the paving stones they install and seal shown in the background. 

Superior Stone is an installer of interlocking stone pavers, retaining walls, landscaping, and outdoor supplies. They’ve served Hamden, New Haven, and the surrounding counties since 1985.

Superior Stone became a Concrete Treat distributor and applicator this past fall, and since then, they’ve been applying our concrete sealer in many of their paving stone jobs.

I’d never seen their home office before, and, frankly, I was impressed! They have a wonderful showroom, complete with a working fireplace, that was cozy and installed with wall-to-wall options for homeowners interested in installing stonework on the inside or outside of their home.

On the outside of their office, they had wonderful options on display for homeowners wanting to install a paving stone patio, walkway, or garden area.

We had one eye out for their “Mobile Showroom”, but were told that it was on the road, serving customers elsewhere in the state.

The overall ambiance of the area was warm and inviting, and Bill Mastrangelo Jr., the owner, was a friendly, professional man. It’s no wonder his company’s been in business for more than 25 years!

Applying Our Concrete Sealer

a contractor using a sprayer to apply concrete treat to already installed concrete paving stones 

Once applied, Concrete Treat will dry in just 2-4 hours. It’s colorless, unaffected by UV rays, and will not change the appearance of your concrete. It can be applied in freezing temperatures — as low as 28°F and rising.


To apply Concrete Treat quickly and effectively, we found a Roundup Lawn & Garden Sprayer to work very well. That kind of spray applicator will generally cost about $20, and can be found at any hardware store. We also used a Cobra Spray Applicator, which are manufactured in Harrisburg, PA.

Applying Concrete Treat to the entire display took approximately a half hour. A single coating of Concrete Treat is all that’s ever needed, and it was easy to see if the concrete was “wet” with the concrete sealer just by looking at it.

We didn’t need any special protection while applying Concrete Treat, as it’s non-toxic and safe to use. This would also have been the case if we’d used it indoors.

Additionally, we did not need to worry about walking on the areas damp with the sealer — it did not affect the treatment, nor did it damage our shoes, skin, or clothes. There was no odor from the sealer at all when we were applying it, and it had the consistency of water overall.

Applying Our Concrete Sealer On Already-Sealed Concrete

a dry spot surrounded by wet spots on the concrete paving stones.  This is where our concrete sealer was applied, which will no longer let water in

One interesting thing that happened while we were applying Concrete Treat: We came across an area where we had done a test section for the people of Superior Stone some weeks before.

In the picture on the right, you can see that where we had previously coated several paving stones with Treat, the area remained dry during our second application.

This is because the original layer of Concrete Treat had already completely sealed the paving stones, keeping even the second coat of Concrete Treat sealed out of the concrete.

You will never need to apply Concrete Treat to concrete more than once. In fact, a second coating could potentially lead to spotting on the surface and should be avoided entirely.

drying concrete sealer on paving stones 

Concrete paving stones that have Concrete Treat drying and sealing the pores of the concrete. This picture was taken approximately 20 minutes after application.


A Fast Solution For Sealing Concrete Pavers

Before the application of Concrete Treat was completed, the areas where we had started were already beginning to dry, giving the paving stones an interesting appearance.

As it’s drying, concrete that has been sealed with Concrete Treat may look like the surface is slightly white. This is a temporary condition only — the concrete will be indistinguishable from its previous appearance within the 2-4 hour period. In fact, we had no idea where the “test run” area was that we mentioned eariler until we actually wetted the concrete.

The treated paving stone area was available for public use before it was completely dry. Within an hour of beginning to apply Concrete Treat, customers were parking their cars on the paving stones, walking on them, and using the space normally. The sealer was not affected at all by the rain that came soon afterwards.

Sealing Paving Stones With Concrete Treat

water beading up on sealed concrete paving stones 

Closeup of water beading on the surface of concrete paving stones at Superior Stone. The pavers have been sealed with Concrete Treat.

Concrete Treat is a clear product that will never yellow or change its color over time. It will protect your concrete from spalling, chipping, flaking, efflorescence, moisture, salts, de-icers, and stains from oil and other materials.



By the time the job was done, we had used six gallons of Concrete Treat on the paving stones. Since one gallon of Concrete Treat is enough to treat 300 square feet of concrete, we needed that much to complete 1,700 square foot area.

Even before the Concrete Treat we’d applied had finished drying, it had already begun to protect the concrete from moisture. We tested out one area of the concrete by spraying water from a hose on the surface — and sure enough, water immediately began to bead there.

This was an easy installation! Any homeowner or contractor can easily apply Concrete Treat with a sprayer, roller, brush, or other application method quickly and easily.

If you have any questions about Concrete Treat or would like to order by phone, please call us at (203) 376-9180 today!

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