Using Concrete Treat On Indoor Concrete Walls & Floors

Seal Away Water Vapor & Prevent Ugly, Flaky White Powder On Your Walls & Floors

Concrete Treat: Concrete Blanket and Sealer is an easy-to-apply, long-lasting concrete sealer product. It's odorless, non-toxic, and dries in just 2-4 hours.

Concrete Treat will never peel and flake off your basement walls and floors the way waterproof paints do. Instead, it penetrates deep within the pores of your concrete, reacting within the pores to create a durable glasslike silicate bond. This seal keeps back efflorescence and water vapor, keeping your home drier and protecting your concrete from the ugly white powder known as efflorescence.

Use Concrete Treat on any of the following indoor surfaces:

Basement Walls

Concrete Treat will protect your concrete basement walls and floors from white, flaky effloresence. and water vapor that leads to a humid basement. Once applied, your basement walls will be paintable.

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efflorescence covering a concrete block basement wall

Concrete Floors

Moisture passes upwards through concrete floors, where it can collect under carpet, hardwood floors, and other materials. Concrete Treat will stop this water vapor transmission, protecting your investment.

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moisture collecting under a carpet laid on a concrete floor

Concrete Treat is easy enough for anyone to use! Simply apply it with a sprayer, brush, roller, or other applicator, and in 2-4 hours, your surfaces are ready.  Order Concrete Treat online today!

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